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On this page I outline some of web site benefits:-

– Saves money on advertising. With a web site your quarter page advert can tell the world about your company, your product(s)/service(s), special offers etc.

– Can carry much more information about your products/services than a printed brochure.

– If you do not find it cost effective to have a well designed printed brochure perhaps because your prices or specifications change frequently then you may find it more economical to have a web site with all your latest prices.

– You can send out less printed materials. If an enquiry comes by e-mail you can simply send them a link to your site.

– If the enquiry is abroad he/she will see your information while they are still interested rather than waiting for up to a week for the Post Office Low priority enquiries can safely be directed to the web which will cost you nothing.

– You can have a detailed street map showing your customers exactly where you are.

– Your customers can download product specifications/manuals in PDF format.


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